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Why Use Your Garden Solution?

Seppi and Joe thought that they could help people not only garden more efficiently with square foot gardening, but also easier with their assistance. In March of 2010, Joe attended a symposium, taught by Mel Bartholomew himself, and became a Certified Instructor in Square Foot Gardening. In August of 2011, Seppi received his Certification as a Permaculture Designer, which only increases Your Garden Solution’s ability to provide maximum growing potential for your backyard!

With the obvious success that Seppi and Joe were having with their gardens, friends and family started asking if they could set up gardens for them. Soon many people were asking for help with their gardens. People either wanted a garden but didn’t have the tools (rototiller, etc.), physical ability or time to start one.  Other people had row gardens, but were not successful with them due to the amount of preparation and maintenance. Many people have neither the time nor energy to keep a tidy, healthy, thriving garden.  Seppi and Joe realized that with square foot gardening, they were able to save people time and money while helping them eat healthier!

Eating healthier has become very important to many people over the last number of years, as well as eating as many fresh, organic vegetables they can obtain or afford. It is very reassuring to know that your family and you are not only eating healthier, and saving money by growing your own, but you also know the source of the vegetables…your back yard! No food recall here!!

Also many people don’t have the time to do the initial set up… driving from store to store gathering the materials needed, actually finding the time to put everything together, including mixing the soil and building the vertical frame. If Your Garden Solution installs your gardens you will be able to start your planting the minute after it’s installed!

If you choose to build your own, we are a one stop shop where you can purchase any and all components for square foot gardening.

We provide the following:

Aeromaster Humus Compost consisting of at least 9 organic sources as well as microbial innoculants

Course Vermiculite

Peat Moss

Premixed Soil

Garden boxes (we mill and build ourselves from locally harvested trees, when available)


Vertical Frames

Mel’s “All New Square Foot Gardening” book