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What is Square Foot Gardening?

It is a gardening concept created by Mel Bartholomew.  Mel, retired from a successful engineering consulting business in his early forties, began to develop a gardening concept he called square foot gardening.  He went on to write the best selling gardening book, “All New Square Foot Gardening”  with over 2 million sold as well as doing gardening shows on PBS and the Discovery Channel.  In fact, his gardening show on PBS was the longest running gardening show ever in PBS history!

Mel went on to create a Foundation that focuses on world hunger by teaching square foot gardening, or square meter gardening, in other countries.  Mel set up training centers in Homestead, Florida as well as Eden, Utah to teach those worldwide humanitarian organizations to include square meter gardening in their programs.

Using only a 4 foot by 4 foot, 6 inch high box filled with a special soil blend, the garden is divided (using a grid) into 16 square feet. Within each square foot is where you plant your vegetables.  The number of vegetables you are able to plant in each square foot varies on the size of the plant.  Really, the size of the box can vary, but Mel suggests starting out with a 4 x4 box to grasp an understanding of how square foot gardening works.