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Tim Mountz of Happy Cat Farms said:

“Your soil is the bomb! Best tomato transplants ever. True leaves and great color, strong rooting and good moisture retention.”

Tim has been featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Mother Earth Living Magazine and some others.  He is an heirloom seed grower outside of Kennett Square.

Anna Mae of the Hanover Garden Club said:

Dear Joe,
On behalf of the Hanover Garden Club, I wish to thank you for presenting an informative, educational and very enjoyable presentation on Tuesday afternoon. The members were most interested in the concept of square foot gardening and had many conversations around the tables as they discussed your topic. Many members thought this was our best meeting in our 2013-2014 program year. I agree!!!
Kathi from Jonestown writes:

Joe, just an update – your soil is fantastic. Now that we are actually getting some decent temperatures without frost every night (at least where I live), everything which has just sat there for over a month has shot up and filled in great in the last two weeks. Only problem is since the spring crops are so late at maturing, I have no where to place the summer seeds now.

Oh well, can’t complain though. It’s a first year experiment since it’s been about three decades since my last gardening experience.

Thanks for the experience though. It’s the first time I can ever say that I enjoy the feel of the dirt running thru my fingers. Usually, I can’t wait to get to water to get the brown stuff off… It does just seem funny to me, all of a sudden playing in the dirt and mud is fun again. It only took better than a half a century for that turnaround.

Some gardener I make, huh?

Andrea of E-Town, PA said:

… “Last week a co-worker showed me a picture of a raised bed that she had just had installed by Your Garden Solution, located in (Harrisburg).  I was so impressed.  I couldn’t believe that there was a local company that specialized in installing raised beds – what an ingenious idea!  And, one that embraced Mel Bartholomew’s Square Food Gardening method – the very method I’ve been using ever since I started gardening almost 15 years ago as a result of coming across his best selling book on the subject.  It’s THE way to garden!  My co-worker was very pleased with their work and said the guys were very, very helpful.  So, I contacted Joe and Seppi and asked them for some suggestions.  They came out and took a look at my backyard and recommended a 4 x 10′ bed on the opposite site of the yard where it would get good sun exposure and allow space for a trellis.  Why hadn’t that dawned on me??  Duh!

So, today, in the cold drizzle, these guys cheerfully installed my new raised bed and trellis, filled it with their glorious soil mix, and happily answered my numerous questions.  It will give me the space I’ve needed, and it looks wonderful, even before I mulch around it and tie it into the existing landscaping.   I am so excited!!”….

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(Andrea, we are excited for you!!)

Linda of Mount Joy, PA said:

I am a person with severe arthritis in one knee which prohibits me from kneeling to tend to a vegetable garden.  I have not had a vegetable garden for many years due to this arthritis and I missed it greatly!
My son told me about “square foot gardening” which would easily allow me to grow a variety of vegetables in 12 square feet!   He contacted your company and discussed my limitations and the very helpful customer service representative recommended a raised platform so that I would not have to kneel.    Within a few days, my raised platform was installed with all the special soil mix  required and even a grid to define my growing areas !  The installers were very knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had about this new way of gardening.

The platform is waist high and made of sturdy wood.  There were 12 square areas in which to grow a variety of vegetables. I was in heaven as I ran my fingers through the rich soil and planted tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, green peppers, eggplant, basil, hot peppers, cherry tomatoes, and yellow squash.

Within a very short period of time everything was growing by leaps and bounds! Within a few weeks we were picking all the vegetables and had so much we shared them with others.  The basil grew so fast we harvested and dried several bags full!

I would wholeheartedly recommend a raised platform square foot garden to anyone who cannot kneel or bend to garden.  I think too it would be ideal for anyone with limited space.   With just 12 square feet and tender loving care you too could be growing an abundant harvest of vegetables too!  It would also be perfect for growing flowers too!

Thank you so much for reigniting my love of gardening!