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Car Wood Beef Farm: Corey and his family have been raising beef since 1915 (well, Corey isn’t quite that old, but his family has been living in Boiling Springs for generations).  We have been purchasing their grass fed beef for years.  Their quality beef would go well with your homegrown salad any day of the week!


Happy Cat Farms

Tim Mountz got us hooked on his heirloom seeds! He grows an incredible amount of tomatoes and other goodies. Tomatoes are his specialty.


Your Home Garden Market: Locally owned and operated, this stand sells fresh vegetables grown on their surrounding 20+ acre farm.  Great tasting free range eggs are also available.


Andrea’s Blog

After installing a garden for Andrea, she turned us on to one of her blogs with loads of in-season recipes. We highly recommend checking this out as you get ready to harvest.


Floral Touch…. Horticultural Therapy and Floral Design

Paula has a beautiful business where she uses gardening as therapy for those that have physical limitations or disabilities.  Check her website out…