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How Much Can You Save?

With gas prices projected to increase, and shipping costs dictating our grocery bills, the cost of produce will continue to rise.  For the initial investment of your gardens and a yearly cost of compost (under $20) and seeds, you could be saving thousands of dollars per garden over the next 10 years.

Joe did an experiment this year with one 4 x 4 square foot garden. He planted 52 heads of lettuce and 3 cabbages in one garden, filling all 16 squares within the 4×4 garden (remember the grid?).

He started to harvest the lettuce over a one month period, but out of only 7 of the squares.  He would harvest the outside leaves of the lettuce plants and would keep track of how many gallons of lettuce he could harvest. He was able to harvest 17, one gallon bags (16 oz) of lettuce in about a month’s time.

He priced the organic lettuce at a grocery store and a 12 oz bag was selling for anywhere between $3.60 and if on sale, $2.50.  Not only did he harvest more, but it saved him between $40-$60 vs. the store bought lettuce.  And he knew the source of the lettuce was fresh and safe!

Think about it.  This was out of only 7 of the 16 SQUARES within the 4×4 garden box!!  Can you save money? You can absolutely save a lot of money!